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My Background and Training

 I am a graduate of the Vancouver College of Counsellor Training, and a licensed member of the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada. The core of my counsellor training includes psychosocial development, psychopathology, family counselling, sexual abuse counselling, counselling seniors, cross-cultural counselling, art therapy, aboriginal counselling, and CBT therapy for social anxiety, and generalized anxiety disorder. I have also had training in chronic pain self-management and diabetes self-management techniques.


My Therapeutic Philosophy

I believe we all need at least one person in our corner who believes in us, accepts us unconditionally, and provides consistent positive encouragement. Therapists can provide that mentorship that may have been missing from your life, making a world of difference by shining the light on your very best qualities and reminding you of them when you forget!

I take a holistic approach to counselling and believe that diet, exercise, and meditation are also part of the entire package of well-being.


Hello, Sensitive Artists!

As a highly sensitive person, I am especially attuned to artists and those who find that operating in the “real” world can be difficult. (How many times have you heard “You’re too sensitive!?”) The gift of intuition is a great one for artists and therapists alike, and allows us to tap into the core truth of the matter quickly and efficiently. I combine this gift with solid training in effective counselling models and my genuine fascination with people.  



  • Diploma of Professional Counselling, Vancouver College of Counsellor Training
  • Self-Management Program Leader Certificate, University of Victoria, Centre on Ageing
  • Adult Education Instructor Training Certificate, Langara College



  • The Power of Mindfulness: Inside and Outside the Therapy Hour, Institute for the Advancement of Human Behaviour
  • Mindfulness 101: Self-Care, The Crisis Intervention & Suicide Prevention Centre of BC
  • ASIST Safe Talk, Suicide Intervention Training, The Crisis Intervention & Suicide Prevention Centre of BC
  • Chronic Pain Self-Management Instructor Training, Self-Management BC
  • Diabetes Self-Management Instructor Training, Self-Management BC
  • Professional Plant Based Certification, Rouxbe Cooking School


therapy and counsellingtherapy and counselling



therapy and counselling

Jenny Brown uses effective therapy and custom counselling to help you heal and bring out your best.

About Me

My strengths lie in my ability to listen and communicate clearly, using deep empathy skills and employing my genuine curiosity about people. My journey into the world of counselling came later in life, although my many past experiences and different career paths (including working as a marketing copywriter and video producer and director) have contributed to the essential listening and people skills I use as a counsellor now. Nothing gives me more enjoyment than asking people questions and learning about their unique inner world.


Personal Journey to Counselling

I was born in Canada, but lived in the UK until the age of 11, and then immigrated to New Zealand with my stepfamily. At age 15 I moved back to Canada to finish school and pursue a life in theater, film, dance, and any other art I could be exposed to. My nomadic background has given me plenty of insight into cultural differences.  It has enabled me to have an even greater understanding and empathy for new immigrants and the challenges of blended-family life.


When I’m not counselling…

Outside of the counselling environment, I’m an avid baker, an animal lover, dancer, creative writer and movie-nerd.  I love to spend time with my family in England during the summer, (Skype sessions are often still available), and take great pleasure in bargain hunting for one-off treasures at the “car boot” or wandering the antique shops about town.


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