Another Successful Mindfulness Meditation & Colouring Therapy Workshop!

Mindfulness Meditation and colouring therapyLast weekend was another fun mindfulness & colouring group.  Although we did a few extra meditation techniques (progressive muscle relaxation and guided imagery) I think secretly everyone’s favourite activity is the colouring! I know I love it the most. 

It feels like the old days of knitting groups, where you are lulled into the meditative rhythm of an activity, your guard is dropped, and you feel that kinship and trust with the group. 

Before you know it, stories are shared, life experiences are revealed, support is shown and bonding happens.  Wonderful experiences! And I say, without shame, that my baking was a big hit. (Maybe it’s the baking that brings people back every time?)

Speaking of which, stay tuned for my upcoming baking therapy workshop, which my previous participants have are already stoked about.  Dates and info will be under the workshop tab of the website.

Have a great week!

Workshop Testimonials:

“Jenny is very informative with her workshop and techniques.  She is very descriptive throughout and I would definitely recommend her workshop!  I look forward to any upcoming workshops she holds!  Thanks for the yummy treats!” – Elizabeth K.

 “I came here not knowing what to expect but it was good for my mind to relax and think of positive things.  Jenny was very relaxed and made me feel very down to earth.  At first I was very edgy, but I felt so relaxed towards the end.” – Shelly S.

 “Thank you for putting on the workshop last Saturday. It was really a great experience to learn more about meditation. I am working on this! Take care and I’ll look forward to more of these workshops! 🙂 

– Kari S.

 “THANK YOU Jenny! I found last Saturday to be quite useful for my recent anxiety and stress. Please let me know when the self-esteem workshop is… we’ll see you then!” – Jennifer M.

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