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At its core, any anxiety disorder is based around the overestimation of danger in any given situation, and the underestimation of your ability to cope. Believe it or not, “fight or flight” anxiety symptoms are normal, you just don’t want the smoke alarm to keep going off when there’s no fire. This is what’s going on when you have an anxiety disorder.


How much fun are these symptoms?

You may experience anxiety as tightness in your chest, clenched muscles, “fight or flight” symptoms, insomnia, avoidance of feared situations, stammering, shaking, blushing, dissociation, racing heart, dry mouth, and a number of other physiological symptoms. And I’m guessing by the time you’ve reached this website, you’re getting pretty fed up with feeling these symptoms, right?


Don’t worry, there is hope!

You may know anxiety by other terms like social anxiety, generalized anxiety disorder, low self-esteem, depression and panic attacks. But, no matter what you call it, treating anxiety disorders is a step-by-step process that I can certainly help you bring under control using well researched, evidence-based cognitive behavioural therapy techniques.


Here’s how I can help you…

We begin by identifying the situations that provoke your mind-body responses. Starting with some mindfulness-based relaxation and breathing exercises, you’ll start getting used to feeling “in your body” and more at peace. We then, very gradually, face your fears by taking tiny steps to expose yourself to the feared situation until your anxiety becomes much more manageable, and in some cases, disappears altogether.


Time to get your life back again!

After learning these cognitive, behavioural, and physiological coping skills, you may look back one day and wonder how you could have ever found something as scary as you did. It takes some work and patience, but be assured that there are plenty of techniques have been proven successful in reducing anxiety symptoms.

I’m here to walk you through the process at your own pace. Each step can be done gradually, with plenty of time to master your new coping skills. You will be impressed with your own capacity to manage stress and learn how to relax and enjoy life to the fullest!

It’s amazing how much your life can improve when you get your anxiety symptoms under control.


Anxiety Treatment

Specific Anxiety Disorders


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Anxiety Therapy


“Jenny has done an amazing job of teaching me strategies to reduce my anxiety. I feel like a completely different person! I highly recommend Jenny if you’re looking for ways to reduce stress and live a better life.”

– Sarah P.

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