Treatment for Chronic Conditions


Chronic conditionsDoes your chronic condition cause you
worry and frustration?

Are you experiencing both chronic pain and depression?

Do you want to just get back to normal living?


Chronic conditions can bring about major stresses and force you to make adjustments in your life – changes and frustrations that not everyone understands. It’s hard to get used to relying on other people and give up your familiar way of doing things. Loss of independence can be upsetting, and grieving the loss of your old life, career, and hobbies is part of the process.


Manage your chronic condition more easily

I offer you a safe place to offload and effective tools to get you back on track and feeling in control of your life again. We will work on navigating the difficult emotions that arise and learning the ways you can still live a fulfilling and productive life.


Your independent toolkit of coping strategies

In addition to a solution-focused approach, I also use relaxation methods and practical tools for navigating the logistics of day-to-day life. Part of chronic pain and depression counselling involves building a self-help toolkit to help you maintain as much independence as possible, including communication skills, working with health professionals, diet and exercise, pacing, re-imagining new career options, and working with technology.


My journey with chronic tendonitis

Over five years ago I developed chronic tendonitis, which forced me to give up a career as a freelance writer. It’s only when something like this happens that you start to appreciate something as essential as having the use of your arms. As an extremely independent person, I was forced to give up many activities I enjoyed, especially creative hobbies with my hands, and rely on my partner to help me with daily chores.

I learned about having to pace myself (very difficult for me!) And work around my limitations, such as using voice-activated software for computer work, and using my legs or upper body for cleaning, moving things, or just opening doors. It hasn’t been an easy journey, but I have reached the stage of acceptance and do my best every day to continue living as fully active a life as I can. My aim is to pass this hope on to you, and help you realize you can still get plenty of enjoyment out of life!


Chronic Pain relief

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