Grief and Loss Counselling


grief counsellingFinding it hard to “get over” your loss?

Is losing your pet like losing your best friend?

Are you tired of hearing “don’t worry, you’ll get over it?”



The truth is, right now you probably don’t feel like you’re ever going to get over your loss. No amount of sympathy, advice, or hugs can make you feel better. Friends and family can mean well, but sometimes their words just aren’t enough.


You will experience joy again!

One thing I have learned in my research and personal experience with clients is the human capacity for resiliency. Often people don’t give themselves enough credit for their ability to recover from the devastating blow of loss and believe that it is possible to move on. Of course you will never forget that person or beloved pet, but the pain reduces overtime, and you will experience joy again.


You have the strength to move forwardGrief counselling

Loss and grief can be not only mourning the loss of a person or a pet, it can also be experienced as the end of a relationship, the loss of a job, loss of an old support system, an old way of life, loss of youth, loss of status, even the loss of a prized possession.


You can handle your own emotions

As hard as it feels, grief feelings needs to be experienced fully in order to process them and move forward. Some people fear that experiencing these intense feelings can be too overwhelming. Trust that you can and will be able to handle it, and I will ensure you are safely supported. In many cases you will also benefit greatly from the additional support of group therapy for grief and loss, for which I will gladly provide you details.


Grief and Loss


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