Group Therapy


Group therapy“Finally! Someone who really understands what I’m going through!”

For certain issues, you will definitely receive an added benefit from a group therapy/workshop setting.  You may find yourself struggling in a way that many people in your life just can’t relate to – simply because they’ve never experienced it themselves. You could be suffering from a chronic condition, a specific anxiety disorder, or a life experience that stretches the limits of your current support network.


Expand your support network

This is where group therapy can be particularly effective.  Listening to other’s stories and solutions they’ve found can be helpful, cathartic and speed up the process of healing.  The instructional component of a workshop can give you a range of tools that will help manage your condition, gain independence and improve your mood exponentially.

People often find support in group environments that they just can’t get anywhere else, which is it is always a great additional component to individual treatment.


Benefits of group therapy

  • Feeling an instant kinship and understanding
  • Hearing solutions from others that you may never have thought of
  • Finding the one thing that finally works for you
  • Building a toolkit of tangible self-help skills
  • Forming life-long friendships
  • Lower shared cost of therapy

You might find group especially effective if you:

  • Suffer with low self-esteem
  • Want to improve your social skills
  • Have a chronic condition
  • Want to learn how to relax and manage your stress
  • Want to meet like-minded people
  • Need to gain more independence
  • Improve communication skills
  • Improve your physical health
  • Enjoy learning in a collaborative and fun environment

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“I found the group therapy felt so supportive for me. It really made me feel understood finally, and the people I met have remained friends and still help me cope with my condition. Everyone in the group had so much information to share and I felt glad I could help other people as well. I enjoyed the cakes and tea as well! Thank you Jenny”.

-Ravi M.

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