Major Life Transitions


major life transition therapyHave you felt the powerful blow of a major life change?

Are you finding it hard to adjust to a new life?

Would you like to just get back to your old self?


Change of any kind – good or bad – can be unsettling. There’s no doubt about it. Stepping out of your comfort zone and familiar routine can feel scary, and often there’s nothing you’d like to do more than just return to your old way of life. Major life changes come in many forms, such as moving to another city or country, going through a divorce, losing a family member or friend, job loss, having a baby, going back to school, changing careers…the list is endless.


Building confidence in your problem-solving skills

As a first step, you will find that talking about what’s happening in your life can bring tremendous relief.  This helps you to make sense of it all, take stock, and start planning for the future. I will support you throughout this entire process, and share strategies for managing whatever emotions you might be struggling with. Problems can be seem more as opportunities than threats, and with some skill-building in problem-solving, you’ll soon find the confidence to find you’re “best-fit” solutions.


Helping you re-frame it as an exciting adventure!

What can be really enjoyable about this process is tapping into your unrealized potential, and remembering skills you forgot you had. With a little re-framing, you can learn to re-kindle your excitement about the many possibilities that lie ahead.


Small steps to success

As with treatment for any counselling issue, what can really help as a first step is breaking the big picture down into small, manageable steps. Trying to do too much at once can only add to your anxiety and unproductiveness. Breaking out of procrastination and the fear of “making the wrong decision” can help you start feeling the momentum of progress in the right direction.


Strategies that work best for you

Throughout each step of your strategy for change, I will be there to guide and support you, no matter what emotions may arise throughout your journey. I will provide helpful ways to strategize for your new direction of life and make sure you leave our sessions with a solid, workable plan of action.


Life Transitions

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