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Therapeutic Self CareWould you like to start feeling good about yourself?


Low self-esteem can permeate so many areas of our life, and boy, does it hurt at times! It can interfere with building close relationships, advancing in your career, asserting yourself, and even enjoying your own company. Symptoms of low self-esteem include fear of speaking up, fear of expressing emotions, perfectionism, controlling or obsessive behaviour, self-loathing, depression and anxiety.


FYI, you are an amazing person!

Time to stop that negative self-talk!  As a therapist, I often find it very easy to see the beautiful, wonderful and positive qualities in my clients. In fact, I’m surprised to hear stories of “un-deservingness” told by some pretty amazing people.  With a little help, I know you can come to appreciate your unique amazingness and learn to celebrate the positive in yourself too.


You can learn to love yourself

There are so many techniques we can use from various counselling models to transform your view of self – many of which can be fun, and done in individual or in group environments. I have a whole bag of tricks to help you challenge those deeply held negative beliefs about yourself and realize just how false they are. (You will experience the joys of many “light-bulb” moments, I promise!)


Talk back to the nasty inner critic!

One of the most commonly used techniques is “evidence building” to support your worth using written exercises developed by David D Burns, author of 10 Days to Self-Esteem. Other self-esteem counselling techniques, such as the Gestalt “empty chair” exercise are very effective.  This is where you get the chance to talk back to the negative inner critic who is trying to keep you down.

If you have any issues from the past, we will look at resolving those too. Art therapy tools can also help with designing your “vision” of the ideal person you want to be (and in fact already are!) and also help express feelings in a safe and creative way.

Practice and repetition are our tools, and over time you will find it becomes second nature to believe you are an amazing and incredible person! I offer you a warm, welcoming environment where you will be supported and encouraged throughout your journey towards self-love.



Self Esteem

Benefits of Good Self Esteem:

  • Having the confidence to try new things
  • Moving ahead with your career
  • Having closer relationships
  • Enjoying your own company
  • Feeling more contented and relaxed
  • Attracting the ideal mate
  • Being able to assert yourself
  • Feeling autonomous and self-empowered
  • Feeling more attractive
  • Being more productive


Self esteem counselling



“Jenny helped me see the ways I was being held back in life by low self-esteem. I now feel more at peace with myself and can appreciate what a likeable and attractive person I really am! My confidence has improved, and I’m now feeling much more positive about life.”

– Sally M.


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