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Skype CounsellingCounselling from the comfort of your home

Isn’t it amazing that in this day and age we can receive all the benefits of counselling without ever having to leave home?  Skype counselling is a growing medium of therapy that allows accessibility and convenience of therapeutic services as never before.


Sometimes in your PJs

Scheduling Skype sessions can be even easier than an in-person visit.  You can avoid fighting traffic, leaving work early, stopping by the bank, or even changing out of sweats!

We can connect with little interruption to your day, and afterwards, peacefully reflect on the work you’ve just done. Especially if it’s been an emotionally tiring session, it’s nice to immediately switch into “self-care” mode right after we finish.

I look forward to “virtually” meeting you.  🙂 


Burnaby Counselling

Online counselling helps for:

  • Those living in remote areas
  • Continued therapy while you are on vacation
  • Emergency counselling sessions
  • Counselling for seniors
  • Therapy for persons with agoraphobia
  • Counselling for social anxiety
  • Counselling for disabled persons
  • International counselling sessions
  • If you’re just too tired to leave the house!

online counselling


“I love the flexibility of Skype therapy and it’s been really useful with my busy schedule. I travel a lot but still wanted to stay committed to therapy. Jenny has been just as effective with helping me with my anxiety issues through Skype as in person. Keep up the great work Jenny!”

-Mark T.


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