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Narrative Therapy

Narrative therapy is a form of psychotherapy that focuses on telling your story of events and experiences, which are presented in a written form.

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Hello and welcome to my counselling blog, where I hope you’ll enjoy reading plenty of useful therapy tips and discussions. The topics will include issues such as anxiety and depression, grief and loss work, self-esteem building, and getting through the major life transitions that cause us so much stress.

For those who love the topic of psychology, as I do, or want more in-depth coverage, check out the articles on the articles page. Sometimes even reading about your particular issue can help to relax you. Funny how scientific data works that way!

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15 Therapeutic Self-Care Ideas

As promised, here are a few other ideas to get you started on what I hope is your mission to commit to 20 minutes of self-care activity, every day. Simple, easy, some even free. Enjoy!

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Self-Care: Good. Self-Neglect: Bad

It had been an exhausting day prior, and a late night of working. Over a large breakfast at IHOP, I mentally went over my massive To-Do (should) list, and with each item remembered, I felt a temper tantrum growing. I wanted to play! More than that, I wanted to switch my mind off. I wanted to hang out with the dragons!

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