What makes therapy work?


therapy and counsellingOur relationship

Studies show that more than any technique or modality used in therapy, it is the quality of the personal relationship between the client and counsellor that is the biggest determinant of effectiveness. Just like choosing a friend, you’ll have a greater chance of success in counselling if you feel an affinity with your therapist, and that they really “get” you. If we’re not the right fit, that’s OK!  I’d be happy to suggest other therapist who might be better suited.





What you can expect from me?

I take the time to ensure the therapeutic relationship is one of equality and mutual trust, where you are free to express yourself authentically, without fear of judgment. I will encourage you to work on strategies outside of the counselling sessions, and provide tools and insight that empower you to make effective, long-lasting change.


Your role

Your active engagement in therapy, willingness to try new styles of behaviour and examine limiting belief systems will accelerate the process of healing.  Counselling can be challenging at times, but there are other times when you will enjoy yourself, and even experience some therapeutic belly laughs. It’s not all doom and gloom.  Therapy does take work, there’s no getting around it.  Trust me, though, your efforts and courage will pay off in the end. Staying committed to the process will bring you the results you’re looking for.


Anxiety and Depression TherapyHomework

An important component of CBT therapy is homework (but I do try to make it fun!)  This gives you the opportunity to try out new strategies and behaviours we’ve discussed in-session.  Practicing these skills reinforces a new habit and builds your confidence in your ability to manage the distressing symptoms of conditions such as anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem. It also gives you practice in handling difficult situations in life, so you can manage inter-personal conflict or problem-solving with confidence.




Putting it all together

It is the combination of these components – relationship building, mentorship, challenging self-limiting core beliefs, trying new behaviours, and commitment to change that brings you the results you’re looking for. Many clients leave my office with a lighter mood, renewed confidence in their relationship-building skills, and a whole toolkit of strategies for achieving their goals. 


Ready to give it a shot?depression and anxiety

I’m here to support you all the way!  Helping people gives me great joy, and I love celebrating the various milestones in my client’s self-growth.  People are fascinating to me, and I can assure you I will take great interest in learning all about who you are.  I believe people have a limitless capacity to change, it’s never too late! All you need are the right tools, a willingness to try, and someone to rally for you.  Whenever you’re ready, I’ll be here.



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