Unresolved Past Issues


With unresolved past issues, our “unfinished business” can cause us to be triggered in the present, bringing up intense emotions that may appear to be an overreaction to the current situation itself, causing confusion and distress. We can often feel “stuck”, unable to get past the seemingly insurmountable barriers that are holding us back from reaching our full potential.

Although we don’t dwell on the past in CBT based therapy, there are times where will revisit the past and take a look at “inciting incidents”, unhealthy relationships, or incidents of abuse. If necessary, what needed/needs to be said can be said in the safety of the counselling relationship. A silenced voice can be found and heard again. CBT, Gestalt, Narrative Therapy, and other models can be used in these instances, with a focus on re-building your sense of self, especially as it relates to power, trust, and authenticity in the present and future.

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