narrative therapyHello and welcome to my counselling blog, where I hope you’ll enjoy reading plenty of useful therapy tips and discussions. The topics will include issues such as anxiety and depression, grief and loss work, self-esteem building, and getting through the major life transitions that cause us so much stress.

For those who love the topic of psychology, as I do, or want more in-depth coverage, check out the articles on the articles page. Sometimes even reading about your particular issue can help to relax you. Funny how scientific data works that way!

I’ve heard it said many times that choosing a therapist is like choosing a friend. It has to be the right fit, or it won’t work. My approach in life and work has always been to try and be genuine and approachable. I certainly don’t warm to pretentiousness or frosty people, and I don’t know many people who do. These lovely testimonials from my past clients warm my heart, and I’m glad my clients have found such a connection with me – as I have with them.

I hope that through these blog posts you will come to know me better – as a therapist and person, and with any luck, your feedback and comments will allow me the honour of getting to know you well too.

I’m always excited to check in and see the progress clients make each week. Most of all, I love to celebrate the completion of therapy, and see clients leave with a well-equipped coping toolkit. I know that by working through their issues, whether it’s low self-esteem, grief over their lost pet, social anxiety, generalized anxiety disorder, relationship difficulties, or a myriad of other struggles that come with being human, they will be able to handle life’s slings and arrows with that much more grace and self-reliance.

As for my journey – I’m beginning a new chapter next week by returning to school to start my creative writing degree. Writing has always been a part of my natural being, and it’s got me through many tough times, proving magical solutions from…I don’t know where. But in any case, I’m certainly grateful for this tool, and am looking forward to providing a space for more narrative therapy with my clients.

I often prescribe journaling therapy between sessions, if a client is stuck on something or can’t get in for a session. My therapist has explained to me that writing is processing – just the same as the talking we do in therapy. It takes that jumbled mess in your mind that keeps going round in circles and gets it splatted there on the page, where through the process of continuing to write, things start getting organized and make sense. Before you know it, solutions start pouring in from the wisdom part of the brain that knew the answers all along.

More on this in future sessions, but in the meantime, I just wanted to say Hi, I’m really excited to learn all about who you are, I’m here to listen and pass on my knowledge of solving problems to you, share in your journey, and give you directions to a happier and more fulfilling path in life.

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