My Approach


Therapeutic Counselling Approach

I take a gentle, collaborative approach, always with respect for your beliefs and cultural customs. I am sensitive to your pace of healing and use counselling techniques that are customized to work for your unique situation.


Depression and Anxiety


My Philosophy

I believe we all need at least one person in our corner who believes in us, accepts us unconditionally, and provides consistent positive encouragement. Therapists can provide that positive mentorship that may have been missing from your life, shining the light on your very best qualities and showing you tools for self-empowerment and closer relationships.


Limitless capacity to change!

With the right strategy, self-awareness, encouragement and practice, you can overcome obstacles that have been limiting you, and start creating a path for the kind of life you’ve always dreamed of living.

couples counselling

Compassion. Empowerment. Change.

I believe that people need to be shown compassion as they work through their issues, given effective tools that lead to self-empowerment, so that they can create the changes in their life that lead to happiness.

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