Couples Counselling


Would you like to improve your relationship?

Who wouldn’t! But doesn’t it feel exhausting? Especially when you feel you’ve tried everything, and nothing seems to work. Common reasons people seek couples counselling are:


  • A slow drifting apart
  • The “spark” has gone
  • Fighting more frequently
  • Communication break down
  • Infidelity
  • Stress of parenting
  • Lack of intimacy
  • Co-dependency
  • Major life disruptions
  • Past is interfering with the present
  • Trust issues
  • Conflict with parents and in-laws



Sound Familiar?


Let’s work on some solutions!

My approach to couples counselling is that both parties have equal right to have their concerns and frustrations honoured. Having a third-party witness your interaction style and teaching you new strategies can be the real turning point when you’re feeling short on solutions.

It’s never too late!

By bringing issues out into the open, the right decisions and the best direction will appear through the process of open communication and awareness-building. Together, we can make a practical plan for making things right – for everyone.

We will work on:

  • Identifying dysfunctional patterns
  • Discovering new ways for harmony 
  • Problem-solving & root causes
  • Building a stronger bond
  • Stopping the “blame game”
  • Pushing past blocks
  • Learning to appreciate each other

Ready to give it a try?

For a 30 minute consultation, call me today at 604-782-6106.

Let’s find the best strategy that works for both of you.

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