Online Therapy


Otherwise known as armchair counselling.
Sometimes in your PJs.


Isn’t it amazing that in this day and age we can receive all the benefits of counselling from the comfort of our own home?

Skype counselling is a growing medium of therapy that allows accessibility of therapeutic services as never before. Online counselling helps for:


  • Those living in remote areas
  • Continued therapy while you are on vacation
  • Emergency counselling sessions
  • Counselling for seniors
  • Therapy for persons with agoraphobia
  • Counselling for social anxiety
  • Counselling for disabled persons
  • International counselling sessions



Having a sick day?

Even if you’re just having a sick day but could still use the benefits of a session, Skype therapy is always available!

Weekends & Evenings

Contact me today to find out about my flexible Skype counselling options.

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